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Community Outreach 

Fulfilling the Community Outreach objective of the Train Collectors Association Mission Statement is very important to the Terminus Chapter. 


We first started our Community Outreach program in 2010 by setting up an operating train layout each year at a senior center in Stone Mountain. 


In 2013, we expanded our community outreach philanthropy program by pairing up with the Atlanta Ronald McDonald House at their Gatewood location near Emory University. 


Since then, we now schedule a day for Terminus Chapter member volunteers to provide and serve lunch to the residents of the Atlanta Ronald McDonald House while their children are undergoing medical treatment at Atlanta area hospitals.  We bring along an operating electric train layout for the children and all to play with and enjoy while we are there.  In addition, the Terminus Chapter has provided a wooden train play table to the new Dunwoody location of the Atlanta Ronald McDonald House, and each year we present a provision of wooden train toy items to re-supply both of the wooden train play tables at the Dunwoody and the Gatewood locations of the Ronald McDonald House.


In 2017, we also presented each location with a monetary donation to each location as well.  The Terminus Chapter is very thankful to be of assistance to others, and what better way to share than to do it with trains and smiles.

Here is a list of our previous Corporate Sponsors:

  • Jimmy Johns

  • Costco

  • Publix

  • Kroger

  • Ingles


We are very grateful to our Corporate Sponsors whose assistance to us makes our events at the Atlanta Ronald McDonald Houses possible.  Also, we are grateful to the membership of the Terminus Chapter as well as to those who attend and participate at our Terminus Chapter Toy and Model Train Shows as portions of the proceeds from those events help us to provide for our Community Outreach philanthropy program with the Atlanta Ronald McDonald Houses.

November, 2019 - Dunwoody Ronald McDonald House
November, 2018 - Dunwoody Ronald McDonald House
November, 2017 - Dunwoody Ronald McDonald House
November, 2016 - Dunwoody Ronald McDonald House
November, 2015 - Gatewood Ronald McDonald House